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    Baking & Pastry

    Baking & Pastry

    Our Baking and Pastry category contains everything any baker could want. Sourced for professional bakers and chefs, these are the best baking goods for any recipe. From staples like flour, sugar, and leavening agents to imported, ready-to-bake pastries and croissants, you’ll find everything your bakery, restaurant, or home kitchen needs to craft incredible dishes.

    Caputo Flours

    Flours are an essential part of any baked good, and in the world of pizza, pasta, and bread making, Caputo Flour is at the top of the list. These imported flours are made with the highest quality Italian wheat and perfectly formulated to each application. You truly can’t do better for Italian dishes than Caputo. These bestselling flours can be hard to find at other stores, but luckily Food Related is your one stop shop for all things Caputo. Get the top tier flour you need at an affordable price to make your recipes the best they can be.

    At Food Related, we carry a variety of Caputo flours, each of them perfect for their own unique recipes. Here’s a look at some of the Caputo we carry:

    • Caputo 00 Pizza Flour - As Caputo’s signature flour, the 00 Pizza Flour is Neapolitan pizza certified for its use of 100% Italian ingredients and the process used to mill it. This flour is milled to 00 fineness and can withstand heat at or above 700°F, making it ideal for wood fired pizzas.
    • Caputo Semolina Flour - The premier choice for pasta-making, Semolina flour is a pale yellow flour that starts with finely ground durum wheat. Durum wheat is a harder variety than common wheat, and when ground loses some of its starch content. This makes it better for pastas, which need the resistance and elasticity that durum wheat brings.
    • Caputo 00 Americana Flour - Like its 00 Pizza Flour cousin, Caputo 00 Americana Flour is also a finely milled flour made for pizza. Where Americana differs is its slowly milled process and protein content, making Americana a flour more suited to classic pizzas in lower heat ovens than Caputo’s 00 Pizza Flour.
    • Caputo 0 Nuvola Super Flour - Meaning “cloud” in Italian, Nuvola gets its name from the airy lightness it imparts to baked goods. This super-fine flour is perfect for making delightfully soft and puffy pizza crusts and breads of all kinds.
    • Caputo GF Flour - A perfect blend of starch, rice flour, thickening agents and fiber, Caputo 00 Gluten Free Flour is 100% free of wheat ingredients and perfect for crafting delicious baked goods for those with celiac disease and gluten sensitivities. Known throughout the gluten free community as one of the very best gluten free flour blends in the world, this flour is ideal for any gluten free application, from loaves, rolls, and pizza crusts, to pastries, pastas, rouxs, and breadings.

    Best Selling in Baking

    Although all of our baking products and ready to bake pastries make baking recipes and filling bakery cases better than ever, there are few standouts in our Baking & Pastry category:

    • Caputo Flours - Explore all of the incredible Caputo Flour varieties. All imported directly from Italy and made with 100% Italian ingredients, these flours are bestsellers for a reason.
    • King Arthur Flours - An employee-run company, King Arthur has been producing flour since the late 1700s, and was in fact the first flour company established in the United States. Today, King Arthur still produces some of the finest flour on the market, with distinct formulations that make them perfect for a variety of applications.
    • Aniella’s Orchid Vanilla - Distributed exclusively by Food Related, these vanilla products are the highest quality bourbon vanilla beans, paste, and extract you can find anywhere.
    • Signo de Oro Empanada Discs - These pre-formed and flattened dough discs are a popular choice for making empanadas of all flavors sizes. Imported directly from Argentina, these are the real deal for crafting delicious, flaky empanadas and other Argentinian pastries without the work of mixing your own dough. These are a true favorite!