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    From artesian sparkling waters and craft sodas, to coffee and Yerba Mate, our Beverages category has some sensational sips waiting for you. For bottled drinks, our entire catalog of mineral waters come from overseas producers like San Pellegrino, Mondariz, and more, bottled ethically from centuries’ old springs and naturally packed full of essential minerals. If sweet drinks are more your speed, try our sparkling juices and sodas from around the world.

    As for brewed beverages, not only do we sell premium coffee, tea, and Yerba Mate, we also have a variety of coffee accessories and Mate gourds and straws so you can enjoy them to the fullest. Check out our Disposables category for coffee accessories to stock up your coffee shop or home brewing station.

    Best Selling Beverages

    Wondering what other Food Related shoppers are loving about our beverage selection? Here are a few of our best-selling beverages and accessories:

    • Mondariz Sparkling Mineral Water 25 oz - Bottled from natural springs in Mondariz Balneario, Spain, Mondariz is an Superior Taste Award-winning bottled mineral water with a lower mineral content. That light mineralization makes Mondariz perfect for mineral water novices and lovers alike, easily pairing with any dish. Lightly carbonated, Mondariz Sparkling Water has light bubbles, a pleasant texture and a clean taste.
    • Rieme Sparkling Grapefruit Lemonade 11 oz - A sweet and sour sensation, Rieme Sparkling Grapefruit Lemonade is a deliciously refreshing and lightly carbonated drink from France, perfect for mixing into cocktails or enjoying right from the bottle.
    • Maine Root Ginger Brew Soda 12 oz - Always made with pure organic cane sugar, Maine Root sodas are crafted in Maine, USA and come in a variety of flavors. Our bestseller, Maine Root Ginger Brew, is a spicy concoction of real ginger and spices, cane sugar and carbonated water - a perfect soda to sip or mix.
    • Mate Gourd - Made naturally from a hollowed out calabash squash, this sturdy mate gourd is used for enjoying hot Yerba Mate tea. Yerba Mate has been enjoyed for centuries in South America and is starting to make its way around the world for its ability to make you feel alert without the crash that coffee brings. Need some help getting started? Check out our Yerba Mate blog for tips on how to use a Mate Gourd and get started drinking this delicious tea. And don’t forget the bombilla straw to sip with!

    Beverages in Bulk for Home Cooks

    If the thought of purchasing in bulk and getting through a whole case of beverages seems daunting, worry not! All of the bottled and canned beverages we carry are shelf stable, perfect for having on hand for a sometimes sip or an impromptu party. Plus, VIP Famies save BIG when they buy big, with huge discounts on the case size. So, whether you’re shopping for one or a crowd, buying in bulk is worth the size upgrade.