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    Truffles & Mushrooms

    Truffles & Mushrooms

    Earthy and savory, truffles and mushrooms are natural umami bombs, used around the world to add an extra boost of flavor and healthy, plant-based benefits to a variety of dishes. From tender porcini mushrooms to black and white truffles, the most gourmet of the gourmet, these delicious fungi lend an irreplaceable earthiness to any recipe.

    Mushrooms VS Truffles

    Mushrooms feature prominently across a number of familiar cuisines. In Russian, there’s beef and mushroom stroganoff. In Italy, there’s mushroom risotto. In Asian countries, mushrooms can often be found in a variety of stews and stir fries. These are versatile ingredients that can easily fit into any dish. Not only that, but as a meaty and tender source of plant-based protein and fiber, they also make an excellent meat substitute in vegan and vegetarian meals.

    Truffles are a true gourmet ingredient, with a uniquely earthy, truffle-y flavor all their own. While similar to mushrooms, truffles grow underground instead of above ground, waiting to be dug up and eaten by hungry creatures in the forest. Using trained pigs and dogs, we’ve found ways to sniff them out and harvest them to add to gourmet dishes and even infuse oils, charcuterie, and snacks with their heavenly flavor and aroma.

    How do we source our truffles?

    When you’re talking truffles, you want to make sure you’re getting the real deal. Prices for fresh truffles can sometimes top $1000 per pound! So how can you ensure you’re getting the best possible truffles?

    Food Related sources truffles for chefs, and chefs know a quality truffle when they see one. That’s why we work with importers who ship their truffles directly from the country they were gathered from, ensuring you get the most delicious truffles at the best possible price. When you buy a truffle from us, you get the highest quality product, plain and simple.

    Why are truffles so expensive?

    As a gourmet ingredient, truffles demand an equally gourmet price. But what makes them so expensive?

    First, truffles are rare. Very rare. They grow only during a certain short period of the year, and only in certain regions of the world. Each species of truffle has a chosen host tree and grows at the base of them for their growing period, waiting to be found and dug up. Because we don’t spread the spores when we eat them like an animal would, some truffles also need to remain in the soil to grow more next year. This all leads to a scarcity that drives up the price.

    Second, truffles are labor-intensive. Obtaining these delicacies requires years of knowledge of the region, growing habits, cultivation, and harvesting. It can take up to 6 years from cultivation to harvest, and because of the specialized use of trained dogs to find them and the sporadic nature of their growing habits, a lot of ground has to be covered to hunt down enough truffles to keep up with demand. Truffles can also only be harvested by hand, and quickly lose moisture once plucked from the soil.

    Lastly, truffles are delicious. They are a unique ingredient whose flavor can’t be replicated by any other food. Truffles are a global phenomenon, a real delicacy that is in high demand all across the world. All of this leads to an increase in price, making them one of the world’s most expensive gourmet ingredients. Although these little gems carry a big price tag, we always price our truffles fairly, ensuring you get the best product for the best value.