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    Chocolates & Desserts

    Chocolates & Desserts

    If you’re looking for something sweet, you’re in the right place. Here, professional bakeries and home bakers alike can find all the high-quality, imported baking chocolate they’ll need to craft decadent desserts. On the hunt for premade and ready to serve desserts? We offer cookies and candies, as well as bakery-made cakes, cheesecakes, and pies perfect for bakery cases and after dinner treats. For restaurants and gelaterias (or even for a party at home!), explore our selection of delectable gelato and sorbet for delightfully cool and creamy treats.

    Why do Chefs choose our chocolates?

    Professional bakers and chefs know that the quality of chocolate can make or break a dish. We carry a variety of the highest-quality chocolate that can be hard to find elsewhere, including imported chocolates and chocolate decorations made for gourmet baking. When it comes to imported chocolates, some of the very best chocolate comes out of France. We have an incredible selection to choose from at an incredible price, from Valrhona to Cacao Barry and Callebaut. Make the upgrade to French chocolate for truly gourmet goods.

    Ready to eat desserts - Deliciously convenient

    Does your dinner table or party spread need a decadent dessert to round out the meal? Ready to eat desserts are the perfect convenient solution to your sweet tooth. As easy as simply thawing and serving, you and your guests can be enjoying artisan, bakery-made cakes, pies, dessert shots, brownies or petit fours in no time. For chefs, these gourmet desserts are also a convenient way to fill your bakery case or offer your guests a delicious dessert. Explore all of the delectable dessert options in our Shelves desserts category and get yourself something sweet!

    What’s New in Desserts?

    New dessert alert! We’ve added a whole new line of convenient, premium desserts from Belgium, ranging from cakes to pies to brownies. While sourcing new desserts for our chefs, our team selected Banquet D’Or out of a number of contenders, based on the delicious texture and flavor of these products. Give the new line a try - just thaw and enjoy!

    Some of our staff favorites from the Banquet D’Or dessert line: Hunky Chunky Apple Pie, Vegan Banana Cake, and Choco Coco Cake