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    There’s an oceanful of seafood available at Food Related. Our unique selection is composed of an array of delicious fresh-frozen fish and shellfish, Spanish conservas and tinned fish, Italian anchovies and decadent caviar, with a few surprises in between. These are high quality, imported and domestic seafood options, ready to be added to high-class appetizers and tapas boards, or cooked into delectable seafood dishes.

    Unique Producers, Delicious Seafood

    In our Seafood category, you’ll find a wide array of seafood from many different producers. Sourced for chefs, these products are guaranteed to be consistently high-quality, delicious options for any menu. Here are a few of our favorites:

    • Mmmediterranean - Sustainably sourced seafood from all around the Atlantic Ocean, we carry over a dozen varieties of frozen fresh fish, shellfish, and cephalopods. These premium quality seafood options fit perfectly into any seafood dish with ease. Simply defrost and cook!
    • Abbia - A truly luxurious gourmet experience, Abbia brings you stone crab claws, fished sustainably from the Gulf Coast. These aren’t your ordinary crab claws; with their striking orange and black hues and tender, flaky, lightly sweet meat, these claws look just as impressive as they taste.
    • Matiz - In the world of tinned fish and seafood, conservas reign supreme. Matiz produces some of the most delicious canned seafood, made in and imported from Spain, using Spanish ingredients and traditional recipes. These gourmet Conservas are delicious enjoyed right from the tin, but can also be opened up and placed on a tapas board with crackers and olives for delightful small plates.

    Get a taste of the ocean with our new Seafood Sampler

    Want to try a selection of our best fresh-frozen seafood without committing to a big purchase? Check out our A Drop in the Ocean Seafood Sampler. And if you want some turf to go with that surf, be sure to be on the lookout for our surf n turf sampler gift boxes, coming soon to our Shelves!

    A Sea of Savings

    Home Cooks: As you shop our Shelves, you might notice a couple of options at the top of the category. If you’re looking for home kitchen-sized items, check out our Threebie Deals. Not only will you be able to browse only items sized for home cooks, but you’ll also save 10% whenever you buy 3 of a kind. Want to shop like a chef? Hit the Shop the Chef Size filter to get BIG savings on chef-sized cases and bulk items. If you’re shopping for one or a small family, bulk-sized frozen seafood stays good in your freezer for up to a year, while all of our canned and jarred seafood options can be stored for up to two years or more in your pantry. It’s pretty nice to always have the makings of a delicious seafood dinner on hand!