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    Oil & Vinegar

    Oil & Vinegar

    Integral ingredients to cooking and baking, oil and vinegar are the perfect base for adding flavor and fat to your favorite dishes. From premium imported Extra Virgin Olive Oils and barrel-aged Balsamic Vinegars, to cooking oil blends and everyday vinegars, our Shelves have everything you need for your next recipe.

    Chef Favorites and Best Sellers

    Chefs shop with us for all the gourmet and everyday ingredients they need for their kitchens. We source the best for our chefs and home cooks so they can make their amazing dishes even more amazing, and that includes essentials like oil and vinegar. Curious what chefs are shopping for in our Oil & Vinegar category? Here are some of our chef favorites:

    • Clear Canola Frying Oil - This 100% Canola oil is one of the top picks for its mild flavor and high smoke point. Perfect for any pan fry or deep fry application, this is the clear choice for chefs.
    • Canola & EVOO Blend - An 80/20 mix of Canola and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, this bestselling blend combines the light flavor and high smoke point of canola oil with the rich, full flavor of EVOO, creating a perfect sauteing oil. Not only can this oil be used for pan frying, it’s also excellent in sauces and dressings, imparting its light taste to any recipe.
    • Be EVOO - A premium extra virgin olive oil at an affordable price, this bestseller has a full flavor that comes from the cold pressing of fresh olives. If you’re looking for an olive oil to elevate your dishes, this is the one for you. Equally delicious as a low smoke point cooking oil as it is in a vinaigrette, Be EVOO is a versatile choice for a variety of dishes.
    • Distilled White Vinegar - As for vinegars, Distilled White Vinegar is the clear winner for its sheer versatility. With a 5% acidity, this vinegar can be used for cooking, canning, and even cleaning. Vinegar is a natural cleaner and deodorizer, safe to be used on any surface. With its strong flavor, a little goes a long way in a recipe.
    • Barrel Aged Tradizionale Balsamic - This little bottle packs a big punch! Made and bottled exclusively for Food Related, this balsamic is aged for years, in the same oak barrels used to make wine. A thicker, sweeter balsamic by nature, this vinegar is ideal for making vinaigrettes and adding to dipping oils, drizzling over Italian dishes like caprese, pasta or pizza, or even enhancing a fresh fruit and cheese platter. The sky’s the limit for this delicious, premium balsamic, a true chef favorite.

    Oil & Vinegar in bulk for Home Kitchens

    Nearly all of the oils and vinegars in our Shelves are shelf stable products, meaning they’re able to be stored away without refrigeration and won’t spoil. Because of the aged nature of vinegar, it can keep for years in your pantry and never go bad. Oils can also last months when stored in a cool dark place like a cupboard. This makes buying bulk sizes of oil and vinegar an easy decision, especially because you save BIG on buying the Chef Size in this category and across a wide variety of other products across our Shelves. Always have the staples on hand when you Shop the Chef Size and save even more!