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    Everyday Items

    Everyday Items

    Everyday Items are all those affordable essentials that make it easy to fill out your pantry even on a budget. In this category, you’ll find pantry items like cereal, canned & dried vegetables and ready-to-eat meals, along with a whole host of dairy items, grains, and pastas. Take a look through our everyday selection and round out your pantry for even less.

    Why did we bring in Everyday Items?

    Even with all the amazing gourmet items at Food Related, there’s always a need for affordable everyday ingredients to round out the meal. Some of our everyday items selections were brought in for chefs as an easy, affordable way to build new recipes in their restaurants. These high-quality, brand name essentials are available to chefs and home cooks alike at affordable prices.

    The rest of our everyday items actually started out as part of our Love Drop Off program, providing meal kits to local food banks. We brought in extras of these high-quality everyday items and added them to our store for everyone to be able to access. Because these are commodity products, prices will always be low, allowing you to add them to your pantry for less every day.

    What are “Yellow Heart of Texas” brand products?

    Originally brought in as part of Love Drop Off, these beans and oats are high-quality commodity items packaged by Food Related, now offered on our shelves for convenient, affordable meals. Yellow Heart of Texas is our in-house brand, offering Texas-grown products in perfectly-sized packs for home kitchens. Our heart is on this product, because a little bit of love comes with every package you buy.

    How do we deliver the dairy?

    Dairy products, like any perishable item, need to be kept cold during transit. So, how do we ensure your dairy gets to you ice cold and unspoiled? Every cold item that comes from our warehouse to your door is carefully packed with ice packs or dry ice in an insulated bag inside the box. When you get a perishable item shipped or delivered to you, you can rest easy knowing it will arrive in peak condition. Just make sure to refrigerate or freeze upon arrival.

    If anything does happen during transit and your order comes to you in less than perfect shape, please let us know. We’re here to serve you!

    In our delivery area, we deliver the goods in our own refrigerated vans to ensure your order gets to you just like it left our coolers. If you’re getting your dairy and other cold products shipped, everything is packed up with ice for transit. If you’re in Texas, your order can be shipped via FedEx Flat Rate, but for the rest of the country, these items will need to be shipped overnight to arrive without spoiling. We’re also available for next day pick-up orders at our Schertz, TX warehouse, Monday through Saturday each week!

    No matter how your dairy products and perishable items get from us to you, you can rest easy knowing they’ll be there fresh, cold and ready to go into your favorite recipes.