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Written by Jordan Brown March 27, 2024

Flour is a staple in any pantry. We can count on it to delight us with everything from breads and buns to cakes and cookies. And while much of the time, we find ourselves reaching for our ever-trusty all-purpose flour, many recipes call for something a little more specialized to create a certain texture. Ever-expanding options for specialty flours can make finding the best blend for each job a challenge.

Enter Caputo and their diverse line of carefully crafted flours. Using unique mixtures of wheat varieties from around the world, each of their slow-milled flour blends has been tailored to help you achieve the ideal texture in everything from pastries to pizza to pasta.

Caputo Italian Flour Gluten Free Blend |Food Related|San Antonio TX

Caputo Gluten-Free Flour: Perfect for Gluten-Free Baking

Gluten free flour comes in all sorts of measurements and mixtures. Some wheat flour alternatives manage to almost pass for “real” flour, but sometimes gluten-free baked goods can just fall flat (literally). Whether it’s a difference in texture or flavor, many GF flours just can’t come close to mimicking wheat. Caputo solved that problem by doing something a little unexpected - using wheat.

I know what you’re thinking: if their gluten-free flour is made with wheat, how is it gluten-free? By using a de-glutenized wheat starch along with GF heavy hitters such as buckwheat flour and rice starch, this masterfully blended flour ensures exceptional results in all your favorite recipes. Even those with Celiac Disease and gluten sensitivities can enjoy this flour without fear of flare-ups. And since this blend can be used cup-for-cup, Caputo makes substituting for regular flour a piece of (gluten-free) cake.

Caputo Americana Italian Flour |Food Related|San Antonio TX

Caputo Americana: An All-American Pizza Flour

From sea to shining sea, every region of America does pizza a little differently. One thing you don’t have to do differently? Buy a separate type of flour to make all of them. Whether you’re tossing a thin New York style pie or spooning more sauce into a Chicago-style Deep Dish, Caputo Americana flour is an ideal choice. This finely milled flour is crafted for optimum moisture retention, baking into a flavorful, chewy pizza crust in any type of oven.

Caputo Nuvola Super Italian Flour |Food Related|San Antonio TX

Caputo Nuvola Super: The Ultimate Flour

There’s a sort of magic that accompanies slicing into food with a crisp, golden crust to reveal an intensely light and bubbly crumb. Baked goods like Neapolitan-style pizza and focaccia are famous for this mouthwatering moment, showing off their beautiful honeycomb-like inner texture that is often achieved through long fermentation of the dough (rather than regular proofing).

Although the dough fermentation is ultimately what gives the crumb this signature airiness, choosing a flour, like Caputo’s Nuvola Super, that is light enough to allow bubbles to form but dense enough to keep its structure, is key to achieving this type of crumb.

Caputo Pasta and Gnocchi Italian Flour |Food Related|San Antonio TX

Caputo Pasta & Gnocchi Flour: Craft the Perfect Italian Dish

Uniquely formulated to make delicious pastas and gnocchi, Caputo’s Pasta & Gnocchi Flour is milled from the finest durum wheat. The best gnocchi is light and fluffy, like a chewy little cloud that was made to cling to your favorite sauce. Using this flour helps create that dense-yet-delicate texture, whether you’re making classic potato gnocchi or innovating with another starchy vegetable like sweet potatoes or squash. And as for pasta? Caputo makes homemade noodles of any shape and size a breeze, so you can get that perfect al dente texture every time.

Explore the Caputo Flour Collection Today

Through their years of careful blending and commitment to time honored milling processes, Caputo has truly created a flour collection that will please seasoned chefs and passionate home cooks alike. Shop the Caputo collection here to experience the difference that using the right flour can make in your dishes.

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