Bringing the Steakhouse Experience Home

Written by Jordan Brown May 31, 2024

The mere mention of a steakhouse conjures the most delicious daydreams: Thick, tender cuts of some of the best quality beef from around the world; a couple of sides to highlight the juicy steak (sinfully buttery baked potatoes and grilled vegetables come to mind); perhaps a glass (or two) of wine shared with loved ones.

Of course, while eating out is great, going out for a world-class steak dinner isn’t always in the budget. If steak is on your mind, but heading out is off the menu tonight, why not make the steakhouse experience at home? Our curated menu of restaurant quality cuts showcases some of the best beef from around the globe, helping you bring the steakhouse to your own house.

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Elevate Your Dining with Steakhouse Quality Cuts

One of the most crucial steps to creating your ideal at-home steakhouse experience is, of course, choosing the steak. Chefs in high-end restaurants look for specific features and flavors in their beef to craft the perfect steakhouse dish. Because we work with chefs, our team are experts at sourcing the most incredible beef from across the globe.

    Three of the most popular steak cuts available, New York Strip, Ribeye, and the Filet, are each delicious in their own unique ways. These cuts are ever-present on any steakhouse menu, and all well-suited to a variety of cuisines and cooking methods, making them the perfect starting point for your steak night at home.

    • A NY Strip, cut from the short loin, is famous for its thick strip of fat and tender but chewy bite; a classic steakhouse cut through and through.
    • The Ribeye is known for its exceptional marbling and extraordinary tenderness. This juicy cut is usually sliced on the thicker side and is richly flavored by the fat in its signature marbling.
    • Filet Mignon, a highly sought after cut from the end of the loin, is the most tender cut you can enjoy, delicate and almost buttery in texture, with a deep beefy flavor.

A World of Delicious Steaks

Beef cattle are raised all across the globe, each with their own unique breeds, standards, and methods. These differences make for a wide range of tender, juicy steaks to try at your own table.

    South America

    From the lush grasslands of South America, we are gifted with beef from Argentina and Uruguay. Across both neighboring countries, cattle roam freely and graze almost exclusively on grass and natural forage, as they have for centuries. The resulting beef is lean, tender, and incredibly flavorful, perfect for grilling up at home.

    Learn about the long, rich history of amazing Argentine beef here, and about Uruguay’s rise to popularity among world beef lovers here.


    Irish beef is becoming increasingly popular around the world for its tenderness, intense marbling, and rich flavor. The famous rolling green hills of Ireland are ideal for raising cattle, allowing them to graze about 80% of the year. The other 20% is spent sheltered from the cold, feeding on nutrient-dense grains.

    This diverse diet produces Prime quality beef - the pinnacle of quality amongst USDA grades - infused with both the deep flavor of grass-fed beef and the exceptional marbling of grain fed. Want to learn more? Check out our blog here.

    New Zealand

    New Zealand has the perfect climate to allow grass to grow all year round, which means that the beef we source from NZ comes from 100% grass fed and finished cattle. Plenty of room to roam and graze builds up lean muscle mass and imparts incredible tenderness and intensely rich beef flavor.

    Curious about the difference 100% grass feeding can make? Read more in our blog.

Pure Decadence with Wagyu Beef

If you're looking for the ultimate indulgence for your steak night at home, look no further than Wagyu beef. Wagyu is the undisputed king of cattle, sought after by beef-lovers everywhere for its unmatched marbling and buttery flavor and texture. This steak is so tender, it quite literally melts in your mouth. Originally from Japan, the popular Wagyu breed is now raised all over the world, including right here in Texas.

Hungry for more Wagyu knowledge? Feed your mind with our Wagyu blog.

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Steak with a Side of...

We all know the steak is the star of the show here, but let’s not forget about our favorite sides and those glasses of wine in the background of our delicious daydream.

Steak is generally served with a couple of sides, most often something starchy or dense along with a fresh vegetable or salad to brighten the meal. Treat yourself to time-tested favorites or let your tastebuds experience something new. Find the perfect complement to your succulent steak by clicking on the product, scrolling to the bottom of the page, and looking for ‘Perfect Pairings’.

And don’t forget to head to our dessert category to find gourmet, restaurant-quality delights to put the icing on top of your evening of indulgence.

Bringing Home the Best

Your dream steakhouse dinner is close to becoming reality. With our global selection of chef-quality, restaurant-worthy steaks, crafting an exceptional experience for yourself and your guests in the comfort of your own home is just a click away.

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