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Words to Love by: True Love

Written by Charlie Sprague January 30, 2022

“We don’t love food, we have a passion for it. We love people, because people can love us back…and that’s true love.”

Passion and love often go hand in hand. So, why do we make the distinction between the two?

Food is the passion. People are the love.

We’re passionate about food. Food is delicious, nourishing, necessary. We’re passionate about the way food tastes, the texture, the smell, the plating. When you eat something truly amazing, you think about that last bite long after the meal.

But, at the end of the day, food is still just food. Food doesn’t feel love, and so it can’t return it. Food can’t give you a hug, or a quiet conversation. Food fills your stomach, not your heart.

Instead, we believe that food is actually the catalyst to something far more important: the memories you make when you sit down to a meal with family and friends. The ones we love.

In that way, love and our passion for food find a connection. Still, it’s only people who can really make moments special. It’s only people who can share love with one other.

So, when we sit down to enjoy an incredible dish, we always take the time to remember where true love lies. Love is found in our connections with others. Love is found in memories made, in simple moments, in small gestures. Because, ultimately, it’s only people who can love us back…and that’s true love.

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