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Land of Hope

Written by Luciano Ciorciari July 04, 2020

Land of Hope

This 4th of July, we all know our country is hurting. No matter where we stand, we all feel the pain. We, as a family of Americans, are all seeing our wonderful home in disarray. During this time, I look to my past and the story of my family. To the stories and lessons I know best. We have been told, over and over, that we are the quintessential example of the American dream.

Our father, Manuel, brought our family to this country from Argentina back in the early 1990s. But his story with the United States began much earlier. At the age of 20, he packed everything and moved to Carbondale, Illinois to work for Caterpillar, one of his greatest points of pride. But before leaving his home country, he promised his young sweetheart, “If all goes well, I will return in 2 years and marry you.” So he did, and that marriage continues today. After 10 years or so in America, they returned to Argentina for a family business opportunity.

While living back home, Manuel volunteered to fight for the United States in the Panama War. He volunteered to fight for a country he didn’t even live in. Imagine the amount of love for this country that he must have held in his heart, his soul, to be willing to lay his life on the line to defend it. He received a letter thanking him but saying he could not fight without holding citizenship.

Soon after, he moved us all to America. Sadly, and for the same reason that most immigrants come to this great country, the situation in our home country was deteriorating. He brought us here, because here, as Manuel said, “We have Hope. America is the country of hope.” Here as long as you will it, and are willing to work for it, you can make it happen. The United States of America is the country where we make things happen. Where dreams come true. Where hard work pays off. His advice for success to us, his three sons, was simple:

  • Follow the rules
  • Be respectful
  • Always do more than what you are asked to do.

Trust me. This does not happen in most of the rest of the world. That’s the truth.

We as Americans must join together as one family. We must take care of each other, love each other, and never lose our hope that we will always come out the other side stronger.

We wish you a safe and happy Independence Day celebrating our home, the land of hope.


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