It's "You Are Welcome"

Written by Luciano Ciorciari January 01, 2022

So 2021 was rough and you thought that magically overnight it would all get resolved when we came into 2022? Now, we are in the new year and well? Not much is changing.

Then you know what? Stop. Just take a second and stop to look around.


You think everything is falling apart? Like the chaos is spiraling out of control and there’s no more hope to fix our world? Maybe you’re not looking in the right places. There is plenty of hope if you know where to look.

You keep waiting for a superhero to show up and save the day. Well? That’s not happening. Let’s stop fantasizing and get real. The good real. The kind where you remember to look no further than the mirror every morning. It’s right in front of you. No more waiting for the hero. You are the hero! This is your moment, your sign to act. It’s a simple call to truth, to fact, to hope

What do I mean? You wonder what is happening to the world? It’s a much simpler problem than you think. We’ve lost our hearts. Not the physical heart, pumping blood to keep us alive. The kind of heart that makes humanity different than any other creature. The heart that gives us the amazing ability to love, to express and feel emotions like no other being on this planet can. When you put your heart in a glass box, lock it away and fill the box with all the cynicism and darkness in the world, you get cold. When you believe the lie that the world is a dark, disconnected place, you yourself disconnect and your heart becomes a sad and lonely place to be.


We haven’t even held on to the basic manners we were taught. Do you remember when you were little and met someone, your mom would ask you, “What do we say when someone says ‘Thank you’?” Today, you might get “yup” or “uh-huh!” in response. As if we don’t even understand what thank you means. The expression other humans use when they are grateful for something you just did. Or maybe we think we’re not worthy of this gratitude, so we respond with phrases unworthy of the praise. How would your parents respond to you saying “yup” when someone says thank you? You know darn well you would have gotten scolded and told to use your manners!

When the world has sold you the idea that who you are today is not good enough, or beautiful enough, you get pain, cold, and loneliness.

When you are encouraged to judge the person next to you, on the other side of the wall, your neighbor, or even your own family, you end up hating yourself for the mere act of judging them, and you don’t even realize you’re doing it.

When all of this happens, we lose part of our identity as the loving human beings we are meant to be.


You want this to stop? The tired feeling inside, the void you feel like something has been ripped from within. Then do your best to make it stop. Yes you, who are reading this right now. You! Amazing human, you are being called to help fix this mess. But how? You don’t need to look to outer space or a fictional superhero. The solution isn’t out there somewhere, waiting to be discovered. The solution is here, right here on our beautiful planet, where there are 8 billion other incredible beings.

If you can simply find a little of that amazing love you have in your heart, let out just a little of that nuclear power in you, the incredible energy of your love can help bring about a transformational change in this world.

You can start simple. All you need to do is smile and be kind to those you see. Give your friends or family a hug. When you see your neighbor, say good morning and tell them to have a great day. Pick up the phone to call your friend and see how they’re doing. And anyone else you encounter, simply listen, be kind, and try to understand them. Start there, and see how this mindset evolves. How about that for a New Year’s resolution?


One simple act of kindness can transform into a wave of compassion and bring about that loving change we are all craving. Your kindness will inspire countless others to go make the same change. It starts with you, with me, with each individual person making the choice to inspire change.

Don’t let anyone rob you of the one thing we are all entitled to, the one thing every human being deserves: love. Those who preach otherwise, my friends, are no heroes. Those people are not the ones we should follow. Stop paying attention to them and go experience the joy we are all so desperate for. You need it, you deserve it. Keep it simple and you’ll see. Smile, be kind, and start fixing the world my dear hero. The love you’ll receive in return is worth every bit of effort.

Oh, and by the way, the response is not “yup,” or “uh-huh!” When someone says thank you, the response is “You Are Welcome.” Let’s start with basic manners and civility and let love grow from there

From a complete stranger that may not know you but absolutely loves you, have a wonderful, joyous New Year filled with joy, peace, and kindness

Now, let’s go fix the world and make 2022 the best year of our lives!

With all my love,

Luciano Ciorciari, Founder/CEO and the entire Food Related Family


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