About Food Related

We are food. We are related.


But what does that mean?
It means we know that great food can grow great relationships and connections.
It means offering an ever-growing list of food-related items, but it also means treating you, our customers, producers, and suppliers as if you were related to us. Like family.
It means bringing you great food and everything related to it at the best possible prices.

Our father and founder, Manuel Ciorciari, taught us many lessons. He taught us that sitting down and sharing a great meal with those we love has the power to bring people closer. That the relationships we build must be open and honest. That we need to work hard, treat every day like it’s the first day, and never compromise our integrity or who we are. Every day, we strive for the same level of exceptional service he would expect of us. We treat our partners like our family, because that’s what our father taught us was the key to success, and without you we would not have achieved the success we have today.

Our Story

In 1992, our father started an online retail store called Gaucho Gourmet. He started small, selling mostly Yerba Mate, a health packed tea from our native Argentina, and Mate accessories. The idea took off, and before long, Manuel was growing a family of customers all over the country and our local San Antonio area. He expanded his inventory to include other imported and specialty foods from Europe and South America. Gaucho Gourmet thrived, and by the time he passed in 2007, Manuel had built a family of over 10,000 customers.

The business was taken over by his 3 sons: Luciano, Juan Manuel, and Raul, who continued to nurture their father’s legacy. As local business continued to increase, the brothers expanded into the wholesale market. Because of the support we received from the community, we were able to partner with wholesale clients in Austin, the Hill Country, and beyond. The success of the wholesale expansion allowed us to move into our current warehouse in Schertz, TX and continue to grow an inventory far beyond our original specialty of Argentinian, Spanish, and Italian food products.

We soon realized the name Gaucho Gourmet did not tell our full story. We are no longer just a specialty food vendor. We needed to reflect in our name the values our father instilled in us, but also reflect our present and future. So, in 2019, Gaucho Gourmet was officially reborn as Food Related. As we continue this incredible journey, grow our family ever larger, and expand our inventory to meet your needs, rest assured that one thing will never change: the passion and unquantifiable amount of love we put into our work and our family. Because at the end of the day, we are here to serve you, just like dad would have.