Smoked Duck Breast
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    From USA - Frozen

    Indulge in the enticing flavors of this fully cooked Smoked Duck that is crafted for your utmost enjoyment. Prepared to perfection, this delectable treat requires no further cooking – simply slice it and arrange it gracefully atop your preferred greens. Let the rich aroma and mouthwatering taste of our Smoked Duck transform every bite into an extraordinary experience.

    • Size: Approx 5 oz
    • Wine Pairings: Pinot Noir, Bordeaux AOC Médoc.
    • Ingredients: Boneless Duck Breast (Magret), Water, Salt
    • Key Features:
      • French recipe
      • Fully-Cooked
      • Pork-Free
      • Gluten-Free

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    Product Details

    Product Details

    Code: MTDC101
    Origin: USA - Frozen
    Each Weight: 0.53 pounds
    Pack Size: 1 Each
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