Wild Boar Frenched Rack
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    From Texas

    Lean and tender, this frenched rack of wild boar is perfect for adventurous eating. Wild boar's intense, rich, and mildly sweet flavor is attributed to the wild boar's diet of acorns, nuts, and wild greens, making it a versatile and delicious option for roasting or slicing.

    • Cooking Suggestions: Wild boar meat is leaner and best enjoyed with low and slow cooking methods. BBQ sauces and spice rubs can be used for this game meat, but its unique, mildly sweet and nutty flavor offers diverse culinary options. Its rich, fruity undertones can be enhanced with red wine, prunes, brandy, and apples. Common herbs and spices for wild boar include rosemary, thyme, and juniper berries, which complement the game meat's flavor.
    • Key Features:
      • Free Range
      • Wild Foraging
      • St. Louis Style
      • No Sub-therapeutic Antibiotics
      • No Growth Hormones
      • USDA Inspected
    • Storage & Shelf Life Info: Keep frozen until needed, and then thaw prior to cooking.

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    Wild Boar
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    Product Details

    Product Details

    Code: MK-1432
    Origin: Texas
    Each Weight: 1.00 pounds
    Pack Size: 1 Each
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