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    A unique and healthier new way to create your favorite dishes, Zero Acre Oil is a high-performance, all-purpose cooking oil with healthier fats and a small environmental footprint. 

    Zero Acre Oil isn't made pressing the seeds of resource-intensive vegetable crops like other cooking oils, but by fermentation. Each batch starts with sustainably sourced, rain-fed sugarcane plants from Brazil, naturally fermented to break down the raw sugar into a neutral cooking oil. These sugarcane plants require 99% less water than olive oil and 87% less land than canola oil, grown without the use of harsh chemicals and pesticides.

    The resulting oil is unique among cooking oils for its high concentration of monounsaturated fats, more than even avocado oil or olive oil. Making up over 90% of the fat profile of Zero Acre Oil, monounsaturated fats are heart-healthy and heat-stable, producing less of the harmful chemicals seed oils do, and far less smoke.

    Zero Acre Oil has a neutral flavor when used for cooking, and a lightly buttery, nutty flavor on its own. Its incredibly high smoke point of up to 485ºF makes it suitable for frying, sauteeing, roasting, and other high-heat cooking methods, similar to avocado oil. Zero Acre Oil will not solidify at room temperature or even in the refrigerator, making it perfect for cold preparation methods like dressings and marinades as well.

    • Key Features:
      • Clean, neutral taste
      • Up to 485ºF smoke point safely sears and locks in flavors
      • Smooth emulsification for delicate, flavorful sauces
      • Stays liquid even with refrigeration
      • Fry life extension for a streamlined kitchen
        • 2-3x fewer replacements of fryer oil saves time and money
      • 10-15% less oil uptake, resulting in lighter, less greasy fried food
      • Up to 20% faster cooking times in the fryer
      • Highest level of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats of any cooking oil - 35% more than olive oil
      • Lowest level of toxins released after 10, 30, and 90 minutes of cooking in studies comparing Zero Acre to other oils in frying
      • Up to 10x less CO₂ emissions, land, and water use than any other oil

    • Other Features:
      • 9 Common Allergen-Free
      • Vegan
      • Gluten-Free
      • Certified Kosher
      • Non-GMO
      • Expeller-Pressed
      • Whole30 Approved
      • Certified Glyphosate-Free

    • Suggested Applications: Zero Acre Oil is an all-purpose cooking oil with a neutral taste and a high smoke point and can be used in any recpie that calls for liquid oil. Zero Acre Oil can be used:
      • As a cleaner frying oil - Crisp food with up to 15% less oil uptake while frying, as compared to other frying oils in Zero Acre studies
      • As a better dressing oil - Easily make delicate, flavorful sauces with smooth emulsification
      • For pan cooking or roasting - Zero Acre's high smoke point of 485ºF and a clean, neutral flavor lets your ingredients shine without filling the kitchen with smoke
      • For baking - Make deliciously moist baked goods with less crumbling
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    Product Details

    Product Details

    Brand:Zero Acre
    Code: GG-7126
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