Pecorino Romano Quarter Wheel
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    From Italy

    Nurri’s Pecorino Romano is one of Sardinia’s most historic cheeses, and also one of the special cheeses to earn PDO status. Pecorino Romano is made using traditional methods, which calls for the cheese to be dry-salted by hand repeatedly during its aging process. This procedure turns Pecorino Romano into a hard cheese with an intense, sharp, and aromatic flavor that becomes more tangy with maturation.

    • Milk: Whole sheep’s milk
    • Texture: Crumbly, flaky, and dense
    • Origin: Italy
    • Flavor and Fragrance Profile: Salty, sharp, smokey, and nutty
    • Age: 5 months minimum
    • Suggested Applications: Because of its hard texture and sharp and salty flavor, this cheese is fantastic for grating over pasta dishes, casseroles, and breads. Pecorino Romano also makes a great addition to recipes that traditionally call for parmesan cheese, and pairs well with light beer or a bold Italian red wine.

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    Product Details

    Code: GG-2856
    Origin: Italy
    Each Weight: 14.00 pounds
    Pack Size: 1 Each
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