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Empanada Disc Medium Criolla by La Saltena
  • Code: GG-3549-Parent
    Code: GG-3549-Parent

    Empanada Disc Medium Criolla

    La Saltena

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    Product Description

    Criolla Empanada Dough by La Saltena are medium dough circles perfect for filling and baking or deep frying.

    • Size: Medium
    • Dough Style: criolla (regular) dough
    • Preparation type: Oven

    Instructions: Remove from the refrigerator one or two hours before using it so that the dough obtains optimum elasticity. Place filling in the center of Empanada Dough, fold by the middle, press the edge firmly with a fork, wash with egg (optional), bake on medium oven rack 10-12 minutes.

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    Product Details

    Brand:La Saltena
    Code: GG-3549
    Each Weight: 1.08 pounds
    Pack Size: 1 Each
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