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Linguini Pasta by L'oro del Sud
  • Code: GG-3368-Parent
    Code: GG-3368-Parent

    Linguini Pasta

    L'oro del Sud - 1 lb

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    Product Description

    From Italy

    Linguini Pasta by L'oro Del Sud is a long cut, 100% durum wheat semolina pasta made in Italy with a flattened long, oval-like, spaghetti shape.
    • Type: Durum Wheat Semolina
    • Category: Ribbon Pasta
    • Characteristic: Long, spaghetti-like, flattened into an oval-shape
    • Drawing: N/A
    • Size/Measurements: 10" long x 1/8" wide
    • Cooking Time: 8-9 min
    • Certifications: N/A
    • Origin: Linguine originated in Genoa and the Liguria region of Italy


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    Product Details

    Product Details

    Code: GG-3368
    Origin: Italy
    Each Weight: 1.05 pounds
    Pack Size: 1 Each
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