Bonito Tuna in Olive Oil by Albo
    Code: GG-3033-Parent

    Bonito Tuna in Olive Oil

    Albo - 42 oz

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    Product Details

    Product Details

    Code: GG-3033
    Origin: Spain
    Packing Type: Tin
    Each Weight: 3.09 pounds
    Pack Size: 1 Each


    Nutritional facts

    Serving size 1/4 cup (55g)

    Amount Per Serving



    % Daily Value*
    Total Fat 9g
    Saturated Fat 1.5g
    Trans Fat 0g
    Cholesterol 0mg
    Sodium 215mg
    Total Carbohydrate 1g
    Dietary Fiber 0g
    Total Sugars 0g
    Protein 15g

    Percent daily values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
    Producer Spotlight


    Conservas Albo is a company that reflects the absolute purest traditions of the industry of fish preserves. Conservas Albo was founded in 1869 in Santoña, one of Cantabrian shore’s most significant fishing ports, under the name of Albo y Arredondo by Carlos Albo Kay. Conservas Albo started out producing small amounts of salted and pickled anchovies with artisan technique. Over time the company grew and increased its activity, eventually reaching a point where it needed eleven factories near the main fishing ports to compensate for the lack of cooling technology. With the arrival of the necessary technology in the 1960s, the company was able to scale back on the number of factories while simultaneously expanding production. Today, Conservas Albo produces roughly 100 unique products, adhering to strict quality control with support from the best quality raw materials and natural condiments available. With certifications such as the ISO-9001, Conservas Albo maintains a high level of quality in its products, each valued by the wide range of consumers across the globe that has come to recognize and love Conservas Albo’s products.

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